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The latest chapter in the Digital Factory journey

It has been quite a journey since Scotiabank created the Digital Factory last year, and announced the creation of the Digital Banking Unit.

We’ve brought to market new digital products for our customers that make it easier for them to bank with us -- whether they’re signing up for a credit card, or opening a small business account online.

We’ve seen our teams grow. New agilists, designers, developers, working with experienced Scotiabankers, have brought fresh perspectives and ideas that have positively shaped our ever-changing landscape. We’re using agile to enable these teams, through continuous learning, to evolve a culture of change that promotes fearless delivery.

We’ve also brought on board leaders in our areas of focus, like analytics, design, agile, and engineering to really rethink our end-to-end customer journeys.

The walls around us have changed, too. We’ve expanded our digital footprint, and opened our flagship Digital Factory, located at 333 King St E. in Toronto. Housed in this space are talented teams focused on enabling frictionless customer experiences and journeys. The space has been designed to support high degrees of collaboration and flexible work styles.

We’ve also looked beyond our Canadian borders. As you may know, Scotiabank is Canada’s most international bank. Our key areas of focus include Peru, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Our countries will be instrumental in shaping Scotiabank’s digital footprint, to enable us to offer our customers world class digital solutions that are tailored to them, while leveraging our ecosystem.  

So what will the next chapter at the Digital Factory and in Digital Banking look like?

As our teams continue to grow, we are striving to exceed our customers’ expectations through:

  • ‍ Embedding data-driven learning in every part of our development process;
  • ‍Rapidly building and frequently delivering software to get digital banking experiences into our customers faster;
  • And doubling down on the value gained through design, advocating for the constant improvement of user interactions and customer journeys. 

Ultimately, we’re striving to create leading digital banking experiences that

Just a few years ago, banking wasn’t an industry associated with the likes of design, agile, analytics, engineering. Today these are at the very heart of how we are looking to solve problems and interact with our customers.

It’s a journey that we are excited by, challenged by, and now, more than ever, ready to take on.