Associate Product Owner (APO) Program

The Scotiabank Digital Factory Associate Product Owner (APO) program is designed to grow our next generation of Product Leaders. Through challenging rotations, mentorship and by working in an empowered Product community, our APOs will be equipped to create industry-leading solutions and experiences for our customers. Our APOs will learn how to be a product owner, and help our customers become better off.


Focus on your professional and personal development, by giving the opportunity to lead and grow


Be part of a class of APOs within the broader Digital Banking Community with access to mentors


Bring products to market and make a positive impact on our customers’ day to day life

The Digital Factory is currently accepting applications for this position. Our deadline is February 16, 2018.


Where do I apply?
You can submit your application through our online system. Please make sure you include your resume and cover letter (all-in-one PDF) and your transcripts. Be creative! We strongly encourage candidates to include interactive or digital content introducing themselves and outlining their digital experience.

What does the APO program look like and how long is it?
As a successful APO candidate, you will go through challenging rotations on various product teams across Scotiabank. The program is 18 months.

How many APOs are in each class?
Each class will have 3-6 APOs.

What does a ‘day of the life’ of an APO look like?
You will have responsibility to drive the product roadmaps, enabling teams to bring products to market, sharing the team’s progress across the organization, and engaging our customers through our digital channels. In your role, you will act as the intersection between business, technology and the user experience. All days will differ, depending on the team and what part of the product’s lifecycle you work on.

What kind of rotations are available?
We’re launching the program in our Canadian Digital Factory, located in Toronto, but there are opportunities for rotations with our product teams in Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

What kind of candidates are we looking for?
We’re looking for influencers, makers, creators and leaders who are flexible, curious adventurous, versatile and responsive; who are ready to roll up their sleeves in a collaborative and productive environment to get things done.

We are looking for University Graduates (expected graduation date Spring/Summer 2018) with a background in engineering, computer science, business, analytics, design or digital marketing. We are looking for candidates with a desire to become a product leader, with strong interpersonal skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, great communication and presentation skills, and a passion for technology. Bilingual candidates (English and Spanish) are preferred.

Must have the ability to begin work by September 2018.

What happens after the program?
We are investing in our APOs to set you up for success within Scotiabank. We want you to use the skills, knowledge and experience you've gained throughout the program to continue making an impact on our teams and for our customers. Following successful completion of the program, you will
have the opportunity to apply for a position with one of our product teams at Scotiabank.

What kind of mentorship will I receive as an APO?
You will be part of a community that provides you opportunities to learn from experience and from peers in other areas of expertise (communities of practice). Throughout the program, you will have access to mentors who will support you with identifying the right rotations and opportunities after the program. Your mentor will work with you on your career growth and make sure you’re being challenged in your development. During each rotation, you will also have a dedicated Product Buddy to guide you through the day-to-day operations in the team.

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